John Locke / Lost

Diego "DiLuc" Lucia runs a monthly Caricature Challenge on his site. Terry O'Quinn who plays John Locke on Lost is this month's featured subject. I think I will also do a digital paint of this one when I get a chance.
BTW - I hope you're enjoying the "Radio" section on the blog...I'll be updating weekly with my iPod selections!


Piotr said...

awesome job vin! you got him locked on!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Piotr...great job on the "Voice Videos"...super talent!!!!

Christopher said...

Can I make a special request for the radio...I'd like to hear the Dis N Bark Theme song...

I would have made a comment about the Locke drawing, but someone already beat me to the obvious pun.

I think you should try John Locke's kidney next!! :)

Good job.

Vincenzo said...

You're a very funny fellow Christopher...love you nephew!!!

Per H said...

You have catched him. It's Locke. Great!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Per

Had some fun sketching him out...he's an interesting character!

jimiyo said...

Hi Vincenzo, I was wondering if you would like to participate at Teefury.com and have your caricature of John Locke printed on a tee?

We've had pretty decent success with caricatures, and think yours is very well done.

If you would like more information about Teefury, here's a post:


Essentially you get $1 per shirt sold, and you maintain all rights.

My email is jimiyo@teefury.com