Inspiration: Paul Cadmus

On occasion I will post some of the work of artists that I feel have all the qualities of great caricature. Paul Cadmus was one of those artists who worked in a "magic realist" style and used egg tempera as his main medium for the majority of his paintings. I recall my amazement seeing his 7 Deadly Sins exhibited at MOMA (part of it's permanent collection) in New York...all beautifully rendered and humorously grotesque. He never really had a large following since most of his work had a homoerotic theme. He gained some notoriety when his painting "Fleet's In", done for a WPA exhibition caused a scandal and was removed.


Scott Fertig said...

Cadmus is pretty amazing.

Patrick said...

Thanks for posting those painting I never seen them before.They are totally amazing ,what a artist.

Vincenzo said...

He was a brilliant draughtsman...you might want to check out a short biographical film about him which showed his methods of working (also painting with egg tempera).

Paul Cadmus - Enfant Terrible At 80