Snoop Dogg Final

Well I finished off the piece tonight and it was kind of a bench mark for me. This was the first time I went totally digital beginning with the sketch. My usual method is to do a rough pencil sketch and then scan it into PhotoShop...ahhh but I finally had enough balls just to dive in this time :)


Marion said...

So you took a dive and discovered you are an excellent swimmer!
Great Snoop dogg!

Vincenzo said...

Ha Ha Thanks Marion...thank God no Speedo's were involved :)

MBKKR said...

Looks great.
Really got the face right.

The Conz said...

I was all prepared to make some kind of smartass comment, but I have to say this is one of your best sketches I've seen. You've got him dead on, and when I enlarged the jpg, it was amazing to see the texture and shades in the face. I'm proud of you, Uncle!

Dustin A. Foust said...

Awesome work! Really well done. I voted for you on Power of the Pens.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!!
...also thank you Dustin for the vote, that new cintiq looks sweet..love to get my hands on one but can't afford one at the moment!

...see you Christmas Eve Nephew and I must say you have wonderful taste...it must come from your Mother's side ;) Love You!