Pablo Revisited

Just felt like throwing up another old piece...a gouche caricature of Picasso done in another millenium for my sketchbook.


Jeff Harter said...

Great blog. Fantastic work. Noticed you have a link with Jay Lincoln. Think I went to University at Buffalo with him (studied under Alan Cober.) Looking forward to more!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Jeff!!!

I haven't seen much of Jay's work published recently. I did notice most of his new work looking a lot like Phil Burke's...which is a bit disappointing since he had a great style of his own.

All the best

Shawn Escott said...

Great stuff! I like the expression on his face!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Shawn!! Almost in all the photos I've seen of Picasso he had this intense piercing stare.

I had a chance to run by your blog...great stuff as well and the design work is top notch!!

Matt Jones said...

Ah-le maitre. Sweet blog-found u via John Q's blog. Excellent work.

Vincenzo said...

Hey Matt...Thanks for stopping by, I'm a big fan of your character work (there's been link for "Garycatures" on the blog for awhile now) and visit your blog and FLICKR sketchbook pretty regularly to see if you've posted something new...and I apologize for only lurking and never making a comment!!

...and I definitely thank John Q for the blog plug too...he's a terrific talent and a helluva nice guy for doing so!!!

All the best!!

Unknown said...

Expresión muy profunda!! Buen trabajo!!

Me encantaría que me dieses tu opinión sobre mi "Pablo en Avignon".

See you soon.

Vincenzo said...

Muchos Gracias KIKELIN...Aprecio su comentario y dejaré un comentario en su "Pablo"!

Todo el la mejor