Lee Marvin

I came across this Lee Marvin interview on YouTube and just started sketching his face...and what a great face it was. Brilliant character actor...they don't make'em like this guy anymore!!!

Lee Marvin / Wikipedia
The Sons Of Lee Marvin


SuprMom said...

I love that he is smoking a cigarette during this interview (times have changed).

Those brows, a person could get lost in those things. You nailed them with furry accuracy.

You're right Vin. this guy really was a great character actor, or should I say caracature...


KIKELIN said...

Ohhh, rey del cine clásico. Fantástica!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Michele...waiting for you to put up your blog!!

...oh and of course you can use the image you wanted for the CD.

He certainly was movie royalty Kikelin...Gracias!!!

SuprMom said...

Dare I humble myself?
I don't know what, how to create, and use a blog (yet).

Thanks for permission to use your image (I friggin love it!). Do I just copy from your site?

Ironically "Ain't no Sunshine" is one of the songs on my latest CD. Cool huh? I had not heard your posted version until last week.

I will traverse this learning curve with dignity and grace. Am I writing too much? Is there some blog etiquette I need to learn?
Thanks for your feedback.
- Mamakitty

Patrick said...

What a great drawing!. I wish we could still find in the movie faces like that in the leading role.And what a voice ,thanks for the interview vincent

Artalexis said...

Notable Lee Marvin muy bueno.....

Nelson Santos said...

Hey Vin i prefer the line sketch it tell a lot more about your great technique.

Vincenzo said...

Patrick Thank you...He was terrific, not only as a villian but he also had great comedic timing... very versatile. The vid was first in a seies of four interviews...you might want to check out the others on YouTube.

Artalexis Appreciate your visit and kind comment!

Nelson Thank you my "Scumbag" Friend [:)]...it is still the same sketch though just some color and highlights added...all the best buddy, thanks for taking the time to comment!