NCN April Contest / Matt Damon

Matt Damon is the subject of Master Caricaturist Jan Opdebeeck's monthly contest on the NCN forum. I had tried to do one of him awhile ago but wasn't really happy with the results...so I'm glad to have the opportunity to give him another go!

*Updated with a profile...tried to stretch the likeness a bit more!


FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome man.
All this work since my last visit is solid gold.
Cheers to your skill,



The Conz said...

That looks nothing like Ben Affleck.

What...oh, it's the other guy..oh well then it looks good.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Milenko!

Nephew...I've heard you're f@#king Matt Damon. See ya Mother's Day
Love Ya

jert said...

sweet likenesses on both

KeelanParham said...

I love the full faced view, Vin. Your work rocks!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Guys, I appreciate the comments!