The Amazing Michael Phelps

*Updated the sketch and I'm much happier with the likeness on this one...now I'll tighten it up

This is Michael Phelps' moment and he has definitely risen to the occassion so far! I'm sure there will be many caricatures of him after Bejing...and although I'm not too happy with this one it's an incentive to attempt him again.
I also added a few other rough sketches should anyone care to add a little C&C.


Marion said...

I love rough sketches, it shows how peoploe study, and that's what it's all about, don't you think?
The one of the spanish actor, what did you do there, did you use different pieces of paper?
The last one is Robert de Niro, right? Very loose and subtle, I think

Elliot Cowan said...

I thought the last one was Richard Gere...

Phelps - fucking great drawing as always.
He has a particular look about him that you see quite often.
He looks like a peasant - it's easy to imagine him with a cowl and covered in mud...

bog_art said...

Your "Michael Phelps" is really good and funny!.. congratulations!.. your blog is really good!..

Vincenzo said...

Yeah I love to see other people's prelim sketches along with the final pieces...you can see how they thought about the drawing.
...and the Bardem is multiple pieces of paper taped together (Jolie and DeNiro too). I keep these small 3x5 scratch pads by my computer and sometimes the drawings need to expand...I know poor planning. I think Tom Fluharty does the same thing since I can see tape marks on some of his scans also.

Thanks, now I'll see Gere everytime I look at it :)

Hey...thanks much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I had a chance to look at your blog as well...wonderful, wonderful work!!

Sam Nielson said...

That Phelps caricature is spot-on perfect!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Sam, appreciate it...but I really do hate it!

nhc1987 said...

Amazing :D

Marion said...

De Niro's eyes are a bit like Peter Falk (Columbo).
The only reamark I have on that one. I know he's difficult, I've never doen him myself.

KIKELIN said...

It's a pleasure for me see your cartoons when they were born, and to see growing step by step after.

xavier said...

Hi Vicent,
Once again, a very nice series!
Especially Michael Phelps and Javier Bardem !
I've got my own blog now so ...
If you have enjoyed my caricatures … You will enjoy my blog too with updated caricatures and the animated steps of the creation :


I look forward to hearing from you.

Xavier Hourlier

Vincenzo said...

Many, many thanks!!

So glad to see you now have a blog...your work is brilliant!!!
I've already posted a link to it on the NCN forum to make all aware of it.

All the best my friend!

xavier said...

Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback.
I've add a link to your blog.
Let's keep in touch!

Best regards,

dusty roads said...

Your sketches are awesome! I just love it period. I look forward to coming back and seeing your next set! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! :)

Vincenzo said...

Thanks again for adding the link...I'll be a frequent visitor to your blog!!!
All the best

Hey!!!...I appreciate your kind comments...Thanks!!