Inspiration / Diego Rivera

I don't think anyone can doubt Diego Rivera was a great caricaturist...most of the subjects of his murals were brillant examples of that! I believe he and Miguel Covarrubias were friends so I'm sure they influenced each other. Being politically active towards the left he used caricature to make commentary and possibly annoy the "Millionaire Industrialists" that commissioned his work. But beyond the content, I love the way he used exaggeration of facial features including his own.

Oh, I added a sketch of Frida Kahlo as well since they could've been considered the "John & Yoko" of Mexican Art...and she was pretty damn good herself!!!

Diego Rivera Web Museum

Rivera (Taschen)


Per H said...

Wow! These are extraordinary great! Your success will never end.

Tatevik Avakyan said...

I really like your work- its inspirational.

JPA studios said...

Really great work man, your stuff just seems to be getting better and better, love the BB

Vincenzo said...

Thanks my Friend for the comment and the very kind wishes :)

Thank you!!

Cheers Mate!!!...Kudos to you and lads on the exibition, hope it brings you guys tons of work!!!

Dominic Philibert said...

You got Style!!!
Keep me posted.

Vincenzo said...

A very kind comment coming from someone with incredible skills...Thank you much!!!

Dominic Philibert said...

Cameback just to see your work again!
Love it!

Moyse said...

Love these sketches Vin, great stuff!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks again Dominic!!

Cheers Paul!!!!

KIKELIN said...

I love Frida, it's special and it seems me a great work! Cheers!

Vincenzo said...

You're alway too kind my friend!