Ralph Steadman

I was really happy Jan Opdebeeck chose Ralph Steadman as one of the subjects of the "Happy Birthday" thread. Right up there on the list of the ten top books I own is "I Leonardo" by Steadman!!! The book is an illustrated history of the life and work of Leonardo. Rumor has it that in preparation for this project, Steadman went to all the places Leonardo worked, studied and repainted his paintings, built flying machines from his drawings, and generally obsessed about him to the point that when it came time to actually write the book, he wrote it as an autobiography, a first person narrative and of course sprinkled with Steadman's humor. I've included a few scans from the book (apologies for quality) and the Amazon link to purchase the book...I definitely think it's one of his best!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, there. Love, love, love your blog.
I have this book, it is one of my favorite, it is charged with so much energy, glad you talk about it here.
I have seen Ralph Steadman in person once at his book signing, he is fascinating.

Vincenzo said...

Hi Olga

It is a great book!!!...and thank you for stopping by to comment and allowing me to be introduced to your work...you're a phenomenal talent!!!

All the best