Inspiration: De Sève & Goodrich

Peter de Sève and Carter Goodrich's careers seem to have run on a parallel course...almost mirroring each other. Both possess unique humorous styles that have graced the covers of many magazines, particularly the "New Yorker" as well as children's books and recently character design for animated films.

What a great pleasure it's been to finally have Peter De Sève enter into the blogging world to share his thoughts and artwork. Unfortunately Carter Goodrich has not as of yet (any online presence) but I'm hoping that he sees the outpouring of admiration Peter is receiving and realizes there are many of us out here who feel the same way about his work.

Along with the images posted I'm including a link to a hi-res pdf of a 1994 Peter de Sève tutorial that was originally published in Step-by-Step magazine and details his working process.

Peter de Sève


Carter Goodrich

De Sève New Yorker Covers
Goodrich New Yorker Covers


Damion009 said...

oh my fucking GOD! this post is insane!

Vincenzo said...

They sure know how to draw don't they :)

Jim Hopkins said...

Thanks for that PDF link Vincent, I have this issue, but it has vanished into another dimension and is nowhere to be found.

BTW, besides Brian Ajahr there was still a fourth guy who worked in this kind of style. His name is like B.C. Peterson or something. Pretty sure there was 2 initials and a last name. Ring a bell? I've been racking my brains. He was in a few Showcases, but I don't have access to them right now...

Vincenzo said...

Hey you're welcome Jim...I know how you feel, I spent about two weeks trying to find this issue.

...and sorry the name is not familiar.

Will Appledorn said...


really great storybook type styles, especially with Goodrich. this is the kind of look i've been wanting to put into my art for a while, this'll certainly serve as some good inspiration.

thanks for sharing.

olgatm said...

Thanks. A great doze of Art in the morning is just what I needed. ;) Love those guys!

Vincenzo said...

Yeah Will, you don't have to look much further than them to be inspired!!!

Me too Olga, me too!!! :)

Alexandra said...

So inspiring! My god, that guy is amazing. I love your features, I always discover new artists I love.

Jim Hopkins said...

Hey, I found him!! He was a link on Maester's blog-his name is H.B.Lewis!!!
He does character designs for all these Disney Pixar movies as well. I like him just as much as these guys. Check him out I think you might agree:


Vincenzo said...

Thanks Alexandra...I'm glad you can find some inspiration in them :)

Thanks Jim...yes now that you've mentioned his name I remember seeing his work...very similar to Peter de Sève's.

I found this link that you might find interesting as well...it's a gallery of working sketches and thumbs for finished magazine, book and animation artwork.


All the best!!!

Jim Hopkins said...

Great! Thanks for link Vincent!

jimbodraw said...

Great stuff Vincent - thanks for sharing!!!!

Tenzin said...

This post is absolutely one of the best I have been to lately. Thank you for sharing these.