The Low Anthem


Beautiful, beautiful sound!!!!...oh and by the way an update on the "Denzel W.I.P."



Sagan Lacy said...

Nice painting, Vin, but it looks more like the president from 24/the Allstate guy currently. My own Denzel drawing had the same problem!

Vincenzo said...

Hey Sagan

Thanks for stopping by and adding some input...it's always appreciated.

I actually think if you look at reference photos of Dennis Haysbert and Denzel you'll see subtle differences. Haysbert has said in interviews that he is often told he looks like Denzel but he himself doesn't see the likeness. He actually has more of a rectangular shape to his head and I think his features are "chiseled" unlike Denzel who I feel has softer features and an oval shaped head.

I've added a link where you can see what I'm trying to say and of course it's a bit of a cheat since I'm using the actual ref photo to make my point.

In any case I'll let you decide and I'm hoping as I tighten this thing up it will be more recognizable as D.W.

All the best!!!!


Sagan Lacy said...

I suppose, but I also think the ref you're using is one of those that doesn't look 100% like the subject... I still think something's kind of off, but it's really hard for me to tell what! I guess I would say he looks a little too bloated right now.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

another stunner. man, you're good!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks John :)

david o'keefe said...

it looks EXACTLY like denzel!!!