Shatner W.I.P.

Not an easy guy but I like the challenge!



extremely hard likeness to nail down...I did one a year or so back...and the only way people new it was him was because I had a trek uniform on him.... but you have a solid start here.


Vincenzo said...

Thanks P...yeah a few hours into this one and I'm thinking I bit off more than I can chew...I have to remember I have very little hair left to pull out :0

George Lopes said...

Cara, curti de mais seu trabalho!
Parabéns, vc é muito bom!!!

Vincenzo said...

Muitos agradecimentos meu amigo!

Bob said...

I think you are off to a great start. Given your other work I cannot wait to see the finished product. In my own work I find that when I reach that point that I think I cannot save the piece is when the things are about to all fall into place.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Bob!
Yeah, I will finish it...because even if it falls short there will be a lesson in it!
All the best!!!