Inspiration: Karl Hubbuch

I have a great love for the German artists who worked during the Weimer period. I posted a piece about Otto Dix a while back on the blog and also mentioned George Grosz. It's obvious their work leaned toward caricature since it's probably the best way to document the human condition.
I recently came across the work of Karl Hubbuch on the "Weimer" blog. Like Dix and Grosz his work was placed in the category of New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit). The movement was divided into two groups, the Verists and the the Classicists. The Verists emphasized the ugliness of reality and were satirically brutal...which is why I love them!
Hubbuch was a contibutor to the German magazine Zakpo, a monthly journal of contemporary art, viewing of the times, satire and caricature as well!



I've actually never heard of this guy before but the images are fantastic... Thanks for introducing me to Karl's work..


Vincenzo said...

My pleasure P :)
He's great...love the shapes he uses!

Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Likewise thanks for the post -don't know this guy. Like the Weimar artists in general!