Curb Your Enthusiasm Book Cover

Open Court Publishing has used my caricature of Larry David for a new book scheduled for sale in August entitled "Curb Your Entusiasm and it's Philosophy". I'm very happy with the final design created by Designer/Illustrator Shane Arbogast who originally contacted me with the request to use the caricature. I'm including links to Shane's website as well as Open Court's and the Amazon page where the book can be pre-ordered...Looking forward to adding it my library :)



Amazon: Curb Your Enthusiasm and it's Philosophy


Toby K said...

Excellent work Vincenzo, beautifully rendered! Congratulations:)

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Toby!

charles Da Costa said...

Congratulations my friend

Terry Strickland said...

You the bomb!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Terry for the visit and the kind comment...and You Rock! :)

Merci Charles...just picked up your new book with Belmondo...brilliant as always!!!