Damon Final


Mike Eppe said...

Nice work!
Great details!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Mike :)

patrick mate said...

Poor Matt Damon.Hilarious and amazing painting Vincenzo!

jesus said...

Vicenzo, I suppose you use a size and resolution in order to have the image prepared for print. However, how do you know the level of zoom for drawing?.
Do you work at 100 per cent of zoom with all detail?. For that size, you must go mad with a drawing so big from the computer screen, mustn´t you?.

By the way, when is the videotutorial about the process that you promised me?.

Congratulations, good job as usually.

Vincenzo said...

Ahh Patrick...Thank you Mon Ami...always so good to hear from you my friend :)

I always work at 300 dpi Jesus...it's what I've become accustomed to and it does make it easier to have all the work print ready...as far as the video tut, I'm not very good at describing my working process verbally so to present one of those speeded up vids with a "Black Sabbath" soundtrack probably wouldn't be to useful ;)

Thanks for commenting!