Robert Plant


Mike Eppe said...

I just became your book! :)
Very great, very like it! Amazing lights... C.Diaz and L.David: wow!

I tried to post a comment on blurb...it is not possible, if you're not on Facebook (what a shame) so I post it here: :)

This is a great book ! Vincent Altamore is an amazing talented artist. He shares with us high quality caricatures in different techniques. I just could recommend it !
Mike Eppe (freelance illustrator/caricaturist from Belgium)

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Mike for that very kind comment and most of thank you for your support...it's so much appreciated!!!
Dank u mijn vriend! Al het beste :)

Mike Eppe said...

All the pleasure is mine :D

Nice try, but my language is French ;)

Best regards


Vincenzo said...

Un Français en Belgique ... tu m'as trompé mon ami :)

Thanks again Mike!!!!