The Art of David Bowers

I recently came across the work of David M. Bowers. His paintings are allegorical beauties reminiscent of the old masters. The above painting is entitled "Little Tiny" and was done for a group exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. This painting was selected to showcase this years best of fantastical art by gracing the cover of the awards annual, “Spectrum 12 The Best of Fantastic Art.


Frasier Olivier said...

your works are amazing!

Todd Harris said...

what a great piece. really enjoy this post. you have a great blog that I love to check back with again and again.

marcobucci said...

VIN! Great to see your blog! Didn't know you had one. Always have loved the way you draw faces. Lots of depth in there. Thanks for the inspiration!