Studio aka

Studio aka is a London based Production company representing a diverse collection of directors and designers creating original and outstanding animation in 2d, 3D CGI and interactive media. They have a talent base of thirty directors, artists, technical and production personnel, and have won countless accolades including BAFTA, D&AD, Clio, BTA and BAA awards for their work.

Marc Craste, a director at Studio aka has created a series of shorts entitled "Pica Towers". In theory the three films all take place at around the same moment. Basically a killer is running amok in the building, and all the residents are a little jittery. Marc's idea was to make a whole lot of shorts that could be watched in any order and would suggest some sort of coherent plot. These shorts were prequels to the very successful "Jo Jo in the stars" which can be purchased on DVD from the Studio aka site. I have a copy...it's beautiful!!!!

Hound of Flesh

A visually challenged Pica is placed in mortal danger by his playful and disobedient guide dog.

The Good News

An evangelist tries unsuccessfully to warn a dominatrix that the end of the world is nigh, with tragic results for both of them.

Pizza Sangre

A Pizza delivery Pica is killed in an act of senseless violence by a gun-toting mama's boy.