25th Wedding Anniversary in Aruba

Deb and I just got back from the beautiful island of Aruba where we celebrated our 25th. It was our first time there and we absolutely loved it. A perfect climate with a warm breeze acting as a natural fan made it very comfortable.

We rented a 4x4 and explored Arikok National Park's rugged coastline, bat caves and natural rock formations. We also ate at The Flying Fishbone and Madame Jeanettes, two phenomenal restaurants which I highly recommend if you plan to visit.


Tel said...

Congratulations to you and Deb (25 years - and no time off for good behaviour !! ) - looks like you had a ball - good on 'yer !

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Terry!

Deb is certainly the one that deserves the "Medal of Honor" in this relationship. :-)

SuprMom said...

Small planet,
donroy and I went there on our honeymoon 10 years ago.
I knew immediately where you guys were before I even looked at the location.
Bat cave, which way is up???
Natural bridge, did they let you cross it or have they closed that off.
We own a timeshare at Paradise Beach Villas on the low-rise side of the island. Right on the beach.
Hope you guys went to the Hilton, that place is beautiful. Lest I forget the butterfly farm - one of the best experiences I have had with wild life.
I can't believe you have been married for 25 years.
God Bless you both - Seriously.