Bye Bye Blank Book

Well I finished my contribution to the Blank Book Project ahead of schedule and sent it off to Gary Fields, the next artist on the little wooden box's list. I chose Thomas Nast as my theme since his Morristown house is only about a mile from my own and because he was a big influence in my work.

Even though the the little bugger kept me up for a few nights it was really fun to be involved in this!!!

Sorry I can only post a teaser shot...but I'm sure once the book reaches it's final destination eveyone's images will be made available.


Alexiev said...

Guau... That good history the one of the box... I cannot wait for knowledge that there is inside...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

Alexiev Store

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Alexiev...I can't wait to see what's going to be inside as well!!