Coen Brothers

I decided to take a little break from the Depp piece and play around with this sketch of the Coen Brothers I had laying on my desk. I thought "No Country" was great but the ending was flawed (just my humble opinion). The first 3/4's of the film had the usual terrific Cohen storytelling and character development but then towards the climax it seemed like they needed to cut the length of the movie and just slammed the pieces together...of course I'll need to see it again and who the hell do I think I am questioning GENIUS!

Joel and Ethan Coen / Wikipedia


Dan said...

These are great, well done!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Dan...appreciate the comment!! It was a little tough trying to find good reference of them...but like I said, should they win an Academy Award I'm sure there will plenty more pics to choose from.

All the best

SuprMom said...

I saw these guys while watching the Academy Awards show.
This is a fantastic rendition of the two of them.


Patrick said...


Vincenzo said...

Thanks again!! The brothers are brilliant..."Fargo" is one of my all-time favorites!!!