...just some fun

...doodled some cartoon animals to relax as well!!


The Conz said...

Those will look GREAT on the walls in the baby's nursery!

Vincenzo said...

...ahh Nephew, see what happens when you move away, you're out of the loop. The wall mural has been nixed by your sister and has been replaced with a piece of framed art instead.

Love you,

The Conz said...

Garfunkel will look great in the baby's room.

Vincenzo said...

...I was thinking maybe Linkletter :)

SuprMom said...

You are so damned talented.

You forgot to add the title under this animal pic to say:
"Don and Michele's sleep is overated zoo".

Devan turned three today. Screw those stupid Drs. and their sad, scary, prognosis.

Vincenzo said...

Hey Michy

Thanks for stopping by and the comment...nice to see you've joined the blogging community!

God bless You, Don & the girls!!!!

SuprMom said...

I did it! I figured it out with regard to the image.
Thanks Vin.
Now all I need is a catchy and appropriate CD title.
- Michy

Patrick said...

Those could be for a messed up version of pocoyo.

Joe Bluhm said...

That is fun! I love it.