Farewell Son Of Buffalo

Tim Russert
1950 - 2008

Watching the election returns will not be the same without him...he's a tough guy to replace and will be sorely missed!!!


Carlos Ariel Barocelli said...

Muy buenas caricaturas!!!!!!!!

It's brilliant!!!!

Mis felicitaciones desde Argentina. Carlos

Chris Conzen said...

I'm gonna miss his dry-erase board the most!

Marion said...

Don't know the guy, so I can't make a comparison,but I like the looseness of this sketch!

Milenko said...

Awesome work dude, catching up on these was awesome fun.
My favorite?
- All of them.

keep up the good work,

Kind regards,


Vincenzo said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting...really wonderful work on your blog!!

See ya Saturday...I'll by you a beer ;)

Thanks...they all start out that loose. I've got little scribble pads by the computer and usually end up taping pieces of them together as the drawing progresses...you think I would keep a large pad next to me...but that would be too easy right!

You're always too kind my friend!!