Edward Norton

After some great C&C posted by my friends at the DrawingBoard Forum I think I can live with this version. It started out just as a personal challenge sketch (ie: the looseness in the drawing) but with the help of Photoshop I was able to tweak this really hard subject to a reasonable likeness.


belmhern said...

Hello Vncent: mint that touch the eyes, gives an air between mysterious and sad, much the caller atención.Felicidades.
Greetings from my blog.

Vincenzo said...


KIKELIN said...

Oh Vincent! Your portraits are brilliant, but the one of Edward Norton and Dalai Lama has really hit me. It seems that they are going to speak.
Congratulations my teacher, a very nice work.
Greetings. Kike.

The Conz said...

I like how you really captured Norton's eternal brooding nature; it's like that guy never smiles. Were the green eyes a nod to the Hulk?

Angelika said...

Your caricatures are good! Let me know if you get one of Hugh Laurie.

You dropped an Entrecard on me, but I don't see your widget to reciprocate.

Vincenzo said...

As always you're way to kind...thank you again my friend!

What's this...no comment on how bald and old your Uncle is...you've thrown me for a loop :) ...and that's a yes on the eyes!
Unfortunately I haven't seen the Hulk yet since you were the only one who would go to this type of film with me (although Aunt Deb did accompany me to Ironman...but that was only because Robert Downey was in it).

Thanks for stopping by and commenting...unfortunately I don't have an idea what a "Entrecard" is, so it's highly unlikely I was the person who dropped one on you...anyhow I did do a Hugh Laurie, it's posted somewhere on the blog.

The Conz said...

Well, now that I'm going to be a dad, I need to make sure my karma is positive...because some day my kid will be telling me I'm bald and old..

Vincenzo said...

"...because some day my kid will be telling me I'm bald and old.."

With the DNA you possess you can be sure of that!!!

Love you!!!

Jena Isle said...

Great cartoons, caricatures. You're talented.

Thanks for sharing.

SuprMom said...

Hey Vin,
You never cease to amaze me. I love Ed Norton (hottie).
Happy Birthday Jake!
Congratulations on the Depp publishing. You deserve it and it's about time too.
Have a great day.

Nelson Santos said...

Super likeness Vinnie!

Moyse said...

Spot-on Vin! Amazing likeness and expression.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks for the comment!!

Haven't seen you in awhile...hope all is well & thanks for the comments!!!

Thank you Brother!!

...and thank you my other Brother!!!