Steve McQueen

One of the coolest "muthas" to ever spend time on this planet!!!


pointpusher said...

Man. Have you ever listened to Lalo Schifron's soundtrack to Bullit? If not, treat yourself. I'm going to listen to it now. Awesome work as usual sir!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Danny...I'll take you up on that!

Parpa said...

wow, great work!
I'm great your admirer

William Appledorn said...

man, another great McQueen caricature. There was another one posted on drawingboard.org, might be a good subject for a jam.

really like the intensity in this one.

Brad said...

that is bad azz! sweet!

Nelson Santos said...

Getin good Vince.

Nico Di Mattia said...

great work!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks guys for taking the time to comment :)

Moyse said...

Thanks for the comment Vin, and right back atcha with the 'Bloody Brilliant Mate!!!' This is awesome, you've done it again!

The new Keifer is great as well.

J.BOSCO said...

beautiful work altamore!
excellent caricature!

Charles DA COSTA said...

thank you very much Vincenzo !!! Steve McQueen my favorite actor,beautiful work I like.

Tel said...

Beautiful work Vin - I don't drop in as often as I should - it's always worthwhile.
Every piece is a 'bloody little ripper' !!!

Joe Bluhm said...

Wow. Very nice.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Dude, all these are awesome. I have enjoyed my visit big time.
Cheers to your skill once again,



iLoveSun said...

OMG U're so good it hurts

Jean-Marc Borot said...

Yes ! Vey nice one Vin !

Vincenzo said...

Thanks again Mate...you're always an inspiration to me!!!

Obrigado meu amigo!

You're always too kind mon ami très doué :)

Thanks Mate for stopping in!!! Believe me I know how hard it is to keep up with everyone's work...just so much incredible stuff being posted by everyone it's so tough to comment on everything

A visit from you is always appreciated...looking forward to the arrival of the new book on my front porch...yeah!

Cheers my friend!!! Sorry about you're current dilema but I see you now have extra time to knock out more of your brilliant work...so there is a silver lining to this!!! You might even have time to put out a book...I know I and a lot of other people would definitely buy it...and Joe Bluhm would be the guy to talk to if you were to consider it!
All the best!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post a very flattering comment, I really do appreciate it. I had a chance to check out your blog as well and besides being a beautiful young lady I noticed that your drawings have a great deal of potential! You should join the DrawingBoard.org forum and post some of your work, I'm sure it will be well received and you might find it very helpful with your growth as an artist
Again all the best!!

Beaucoup de mercis!!
I'm still trying to get you that damn magazine...they've pushed back the date on accepting gift subsriptions about six times already...but I haven't forgotten mon ami!

KIKELIN said...

NICE! I like your election because i love classic american cinema. Great work!

Vincenzo said...

Many thanks Kikelin!!!!