DrawingBoard / David Tessier

Since "05 there's been a thread on the DrawingBoard forum (started by Diego Lucia) for caricaturists to do caricatures of other caricaturists. There's been a recent flurry of activity with an infusion of new blood and it continues to be a favorite thread for all who visit the "board". I finally had a chance to do one of my colleague in caricature, David Tessier

David's Reference Photo


davidgribouille said...

I already told you on the Drawing board forum, but once again, THANK YOU very much Vincent, I love your caricature. I'm very lucky, and don't worry, my next project is first to find photos of you ;)
See you, my friend!

Per H said...

Thats awesome Vincent!

Vincenzo said...

Really glad you liked it and I'm definitely looking forward to one from you when ever you find the time :)

Thanks my friend...I also have a quick sketch of you lying on my desk waiting to be tightened up...promise I'll get to it eventually!

All the best

xavier said...

Hi Vincenzo!
I know David and once again I can tell you that you've done a good job!
Your Diego Rivera is simply perfect!
See you

Charles DA COSTA said...

hello Vincenzo! I like your style and the likeness is incredible david my friend! thank you

Vincenzo said...

Thanks so much for the comments on David and Rivera!!! Considering you know David it's great to hear that you think I succeeded with his caricature :)

Thank you mon ami...it's an honor to receive such kind comments from my very talented French Colleagues...and talented you all are!!!!