R.I.P. Travis


Elliot Cowan said...

The headline of the New York Post was:


Mike Eppe said...

Very nice blog. Great stuff!

Nelson Santos said...

Googled the story, thats the better definition of the actual social desease maybe one day the animals can pull a trigger, that would be fun no? ;)

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

when i was a kid i saw a movie at the drive-in on rt. 35 in keyport nj. it was a terrifying glimpse of the future... a future dominated by APES! Could this be the beginning of that story come to life?!!

Only a drawing this wonderful can calm the terror i feel from the prospect of slavery to a race of talking apes. This drawing and the knowledge that the chimps are the nicest of the talking apes.

Vincenzo said...

Leave it to the post...the crowning jewel of the Murdoch empire!

Thanks much

Unfortunately they wouldn't hunt us for sport...too bad.

It's alway's a tragedy when an animal is destroyed because of human stupidity!

All time classic...I remember being blown away by the make-up, ground breaking at the time and also one of the best endings ever!!!

Anthony Pascoe said...

Awesome work here Vin ! Great Blog

Joe Bluhm said...

This is really fun, Vin.

J.BOSCO said...

nice expression, great!!!


Niall O loughlin said...

Funny drawing Vin.

BODARD said...

Great caricature, congrats !

Vincenzo said...

Thanks guys...the actual story wasn't as fun as the drawing. The sketch was from memory and Travis was in real life a much bigger boy than I depicted (I think I read he weighed about 210lbs.,...that's a whole lotta pissed off Pan troglodyte!).

Dam Ferreira said...

Very nice your work

Back more often

Peter Hong Chan said...

great drawing!! love the shapes

Vincenzo said...

Thanks!! Appreciate the comment!!

Seems there's a continuation to the story as the family of the women who was attacked is suing Travis' owner fo 50 million...I'm sure this will be continued!