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One more talented colleague from the DrawingBoard!

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Nico Di Mattia said...

love the expression of his face!! A great work Vince!

Per H said...

It's really great!!
It's me...the funny part of me. Thank you sooo much.

Marion said...

So that's Per!
Beautiful pencil sketch!

Vincenzo said...

Thank you my super talented friend!!!

Very glad you like it :)

Thanks!!! I've commented on Per's blog about the similarities in both his and your work...especially the beautiful, flowing line work.

All the best!

Tooninator said...

Always killer work dude. This one is wonderfully creepy.

ARI said...

Your caricature of Johnny Deep is fabulous.

Tel said...

Beautiful work Vin - as always - though when I first saw it on DB I never initially picked it as yours.
Jeez you're a talented old bugger mate !

Vincenzo said...

Hahaha...yeah that probably wasn't Per's best reference photo or more probably my interpretation of it :)

Thank you...I was happy with the outcome of that one as well, which is usually pretty rare for me!

Hey Mate...Thanks!! Yeah I've borrowed Chris Wahl's coloring technique for Per and David's caricatures...or at least attempted to!

Cheers...hope all is well!!!!