Varmints / Marc Craste & Studio AKA

I made reference to the work of Marc Craste and Studio Aka back in '07 on this blog (Pica Tower Series and JoJo & the Stars). Well Marc has directed another animated short entitled "Varmints" based on a picture book written by Helen Ward and illustrated quite beautifully by Marc (in fact I'm guessing the book probably serves as a storyboard for the film). Of course there will probably be comparisons made with "Wall-E" for the similar theme but Marc's work has a dark, poetic beauty to it.

Studio Aka has posted the trailer to the film on their website as well as YouTube. I'm really looking forward to the full release of the film which I will definitely purchase as I did with "JoJo". I'm including a few scans from the book (available on Amazon) and embedding the trailer for your enjoyment!

Varmints (Paperback) Amazon

Studio AKA

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ARI said...

Incredible creatives, film and music. Thanks for sharing

Elliot Cowan said...

I've seen this film.
It's overly earnest and tries very hard to be "worthy".
It looks very expensive and fancy.
I didn't like it much at all, although I can see why others might go for it.

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks for this, Vincent. I am presently writing a review on the movie for my blog and discovered your post in the research. Marc Craste is extraordinarily talented as an animator; what I did not realise until now was his skill as an artist. The scanned drawings are lovely and, if you allow, when I complete the review I will use one of the images from here.