Alan Ginsburg

For Jan Opdebeeck's Happy Birthday thread on the I.S.C.A. forum. This was fun since it was done without reference (he's a pretty easy subject to capture without it especially since I went a bit "cartoony" with it). I actually had a chance to hear him recite "Howl" when I briefly attended S.V.A. and he was invited as a guest speaker.

Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"


Anonymous said...

Very nice drawing. And you did it with out reference!!!?? Wow!
Is this black prismacolor pencil? I love the feeling of it.

Vincenzo said...

Hi Olga...Thank you :)

Well I guess I should clarify...I did look at several photos of him but made mental notes of his outstanding features. The thick rimmed glasses, profuse beard, round black marble-like eyes and it's dark circles along with his slightly bulbous nose made him fairly simple to do minus the photo in front of me. I actually try to do this exercise every now and then to test my observation skills...it's fun!!!

...and yes it's a black prismacolor. I like to use it for the loosely rendered stuff...it gives the impression of a litho crayon.
All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice caricature! Ginsberg was such an amazing individual. I didn't agree with all aspects of his worldview, but he was nonetheless a remarkable artist/communicator. Kaddish kills me every time I listen to it.

Jean-Marc Borot said...

Waoh !
Great drawing as always.
But I didn't know Ginsburg. He's looking like Coppola !

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome Vincenzo!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Jean-Marc...and I guess he does look a bit like the "Maestro" (a pile of facial hair will do that) :)

Thanks again Dominic!!!