Luis Guzman

I haven't painted much in awhile (which really sucks...probably need to take some time management courses or win the @#$% lottery) so in keeping with the Danny Trejo sketch I thought I would give another terrific character actor a shot...great face for caricature Mr. Guzman has!!!


Pat Bollin said...

That guy's face is awesome, and you're rendition is awesome.

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

That's great, I love this dude, especially in the movie "Waiting"

Nelson Santos said...

Great job Vin.

Tel said...

That's a great caricature Vin - you said 'paint' is that the real wet stuff or PS ?

Vincenzo said...

Thanks man...it is a face made for caricature :)

The guy is even great in commercials...appreciate the comment!!!

Thanks my friend :)

Hey Mate...it's PS, unfortunately I can't remember the last time I used the real stuff.

All the best!!!

Jim Hopkins said...

Terrific! Bang on likeness-love the work on the eyes!

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Jim...still a few things to do on it.

Patrick said...

Wonderful like always,It is always with a absolute pleasure that I discover your latest masterpiece.Thank you Mr Vincenzo.
P.S We must have watch this Machete Trailer at the same time.

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Patrick...it's always wonderful to get a visit from you my very talented friend!

...and as far as the "Machete" trailer I've noticed we've been on the same wave length on several occasions...we must share the same ancestors :)

Anonymous said...

Great all the way through, each of the stages look finished.
I wish I could master photoshop painting as you did :)

May I post your pieces on a russian portrait community, giving you credit of course? I just want to introduce some cool stuff to them.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Olga!!!

I'm certainly no master of digital painting but I can definitely say that your skills with traditional medium should make Photoshop (or Painter) a breeze for you!!!

...and please feel free to post any of my stuff, in fact I would love to see the work of others on the site or forum...so if you get a chance send me a link :)

I recently purchased a couple of Repin State Academic Institute drawing books from the Gallery Nucleus site that are incredible...Russian artists rule!!!

Repin State Academic Institute "Profile Drawing"

Repin State Academic Institute "Portrait Drawing"

Anonymous said...

Hi Vince,
I posted your work there today, but it wouldn't help you, if I sent a link, it is a "classmates" website and you would be required to sign with a password....
Here is a link that need no signing in:
one more :
I hope you find some thing you like there.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Olga for the links...I am familiar with the "ru_illustrators" blog...really great stuff!!!

Wishing you the best always!!!

Castor said...

excelent, Vincenzo!!!

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Castor :)