King Of Pop

Well obviously there hasn't been a shortage of tribute caricatures of MJ...and may I add a few that are absolutely brilliant (a favorite was done by Court Jones). I decided to do one of him in happier times...the guy was an incredible showman!!!


Charles DA COSTA said...

great work,I like your blog my friend

Damion009 said...

DUDE!!!! YOU ROCK ON A MOUNTAIN LIKE LEVEL!!!! I really love your work!!!
just amazing........... i am a BIG fan!!!

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Mon Ami :)

Thanks Damion...and ditto on that!!! Big things have got to be in store for you with your talent!!!

Brad said...

excellent tribute!!!

Grand said...

Was missing a caricature of tribute of MJ: Your!
...Here is who is made (magnificently)

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Denis & Brad for your kind comments!

Zach Trenholm said...

Hey Vincent---it's been awhile! Was trolling the web & just came across your blog--wonderful work...

Regarding your above Jackson, just did him myself for Reader's Digest UK using the very same pic---very trippy. They wanted a 'Thriller' Michael, not his later 'Phantom of the Opera' incarnation :-)

Hey before i go, what's that font you use on your masthead, the sub-head or the one after 'Unabashed'?...very keen on it.


Anonymous said...

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