John Turturro

After doing the Guzman piece I thought it might be cool to do a series on some of todays terrific character actors...so here's my feeble attempt at Turturro...probably bit off more than I can chew but what the hell!!!


Derek Edwards said...

Thats a great sketch. I really liked him in Big Lebowski. Keep up the great work!

Jim Hopkins said...

Good likeness, excellent drawing! Vincent what are you drawing these with -an Ebony pencil?

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Derek!!! I think he's been great in everything I've ever seen him in especially Coen Brother films!

Appreciate the comment Jim!!! I've been using a Sanford 747 Verithin Black for a few years now along with a Black Primacolor...I like the consistency of the 747's lead.

BTW...nice to see you're now using that great "Palance" as your avatar...definitely one of my favorites of yours!!!

Jim Hopkins said...

I'll have to try it, thanks! I use an Ebony and a Prismacolor but never used the Verithin.

Thanks! I got tired of the old desktop icon I was using as an avatar and opted for that. I change things on the blog all the time.

And while we're on the subject of avatars- I get a kick out of it, but any reason why you chose Maynard G Krebs at the DB?

Vincenzo said...

Hahaha...yeah, Maynard and I feel the same way about work :)

All the best!!!

Ernesto Perlingeiro said...

It's my first time in your blog and I must say I love it!
amazing work

Vincenzo said...

Hey Ernesto

Thanks for stopping by to comment and also for introducing me to your wonderful work...the "Lebowski" illustration is absolutely brilliant.

Hope you don't mind if I add you to my caricature links making it easier for me to be a regular visitor

Todo o melhor!!!

Ernesto Perlingeiro said...

It will be a honour!
thanks for the comments!

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

This guy is Awesome too!! I especially enjoyed his work in "O Brother Where Art Thou". You've got some great picks

Will Appledorn said...

another favorite actor of mine!

really nailed the likeness on this one.

great stuff.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks Will :)

Meesimo said...

Beautiful drawing, he's a great actor and choice of subject.