Gary Oldman WIP

Just a crop of the wip...pretty tough to nail, sort of like Edward Norton.


Nelson Santos said...

Tough but you're on the right track Vince... dude :)

Jim Hopkins said...

It's looking good Vin!
He is hard to nail -because he is so varying in his appearance.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull work! :)

Vincenzo said...

Hahaha...Thanks Nelson!...and let's hope "Lost" doesn't have a Stephen King ending ;)

Hey Jim,...He is a chameleon isn't he...Thanks for the comment my friend!!!

Many thanks for your recent comments Patricia :)

Charles DA COSTA said...

Beautiful work my friend !
I love the likeness !

Niall O loughlin said...

Looks good so far Vin, I've no doubt you'll nail him a 100%

Will Appledorn said...

he does seem like he would be tough, looks pretty good already though.

looking forward to see the final

jimbodraw said...

Nice Work, Vin!

david o'keefe said...

man vin. you are out of control!! your blog is mind blowing!! great work.

Vincenzo said...

Merci Mon Ami...your comments are always greatly appreciated!!!

Cheers Mate...I appreciate your confidence in me :)

Thanks...It was a pretty good reference pic I thought...just wished it was a bit more dramatic!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

Thanks my friend...You never fail to inspire. It's been awhile since you disabled comments on your blog so I guess this is my chance to tell you how phenomenal the "CaddyShack" piece is...love it and hopefully one day I'll own one of those pieces!!!

Hope all is great...I know the artwork is!!!