Jake 1999 / 2010

The joy you brought was immeasurable...thank you beautiful boy!

It was only one hour ago
It was all so different then
There's nothing yet has really sunk in
Looks like it always did
This flesh and bone
It's just the way that you would tie it in
Now there's no one home

I grieve for you
You leave me
So hard to move on
Still loving what's gone
They say life carries on
Carries on and on and on and on

The news that truly shocks is the empty empty page
While the final rattle rocks its empty empty cage
And I can't handle this

I grieve for you
You leave me
Let it out and move on
Missing what's gone
They say life carries on
They say life carries on and on and on

Life carries on
In the people I meet
In everyone that's out on the street
In all the dogs and cats
In the flies and rats
In the rot and the rust
In the ashes and the dust
Life carries on and on and on and on
Life carries on and on and on

It's just the car that we ride in
A home we reside in
The face that we hide in
The way we are tied in
And life carries on and on and on and on
Life carries on and on and on

Did I dream this belief?
Or did I believe this dream?
Now I can find relief
I grieve


Jim Hopkins said...

Sorry to hear, Vincent. Pets are family. Their lives on this planet are too short, but they bring the great joys of honest devotion and camaraderie that are hard to find elsewhere.

Nelson Santos said...

Sorry for your loss Vince.

Emily Anthony said...

Thinking of you and your family, Vin. Just went through this last fall with a beloved cat who was also born in '99. Don't know how it went by so fast...
RIP Jake.

Vincenzo said...

Deb and I thank you my friends for your very kind comments. Sorry to hear about your cat as well Em...their lives are too abreviated and I guess that's why our love for them is so intense!

Tel said...

Know what you're going through mate - I own three Staffies (Staffordshire bull terriers) and have a tear in my eye for all their predecessors over the last 40 years. Cats as well - but it's the dogs you love !
However bad a day you've had they're always ecstatic to see you - special animals. Take a tip from a serial dog owner - get a new pup !! - it's not a replacement it's a new mate.
All the best to you and Deb........

Rich Conley said...

Vince, I am so sorry. I just brought home my best friend from the Vet. He had to have 20 stones removed surgically . I thought I was going to lose him, I can only imagine the terrible loss you are going through. My dog Rocky is my best buddy, and reading that really hit hard. You and Jake are in my thoughts.

Vincenzo said...

Deb and I thank you for your kind words! How absolutely true, I can't tell you how many days I came home from a day job I despise and that beautiful smiling face made everything fine...I may eventually take your advice Mate, but not just yet.

Thanks Rich...glad to hear Rocky is doing well, surgery is as tough for them as it is for us. Treasure every moment you have with him!!!
All the best my friend!

Tnuk said...

Siento tu perdida..

Vincenzo said...

Gracias por usted amabilidad!

Patrick said...

Sorry to read about your dog,wonderful things your wrote Vincent.
Life carries on yes, but memory stay.He was such a beautiful dog I love his mustach.All our thought are with you.
Patrick and Nina

Vincenzo said...

Thank you Mon Ami, Nina's and your kind thoughts are very much appreciated by Deb and I.

He was as beautiful inside as he was on the outside...just a gentle, sweet dog loved by all who knew him...our hearts ache for him more and more each day!

She-Thing said...

I'm sorry what happened, Vincent. He looks like a good, sweet and calm dog.
I hope he's happy where he is now.

Un saludo and take care,


"TORI CAT" said...

Im so sad and sorry for your loss. No one can ever replace the love and quality of life and friendship a dog gives. You will see a few tributes on my own blog for the loss of my bestest furry friend!!!
I feel your pain, even 5years on, i still miss my old boy every day.
Thinking of you.
God bless.xx