...more forum caricatures

Just two more sketches of forum participants originally posted on "The DrawingBoard".

From top to bottom:
Neo Noaide
Greg McCullough


Wings of Imagination

This short film was done about 6 years ago. I was learning how to use Macromedia Director and this was a class project. More animatic than traditional animation I had always wanted to do another version in flash but of course, as usual it fell by the wayside. I also found Director much harder to use than Flash so this became the first and last piece I ever made with the software.


Boxhead and Roundhead

Here's a great little animated short created by the very brilliant Elliot Cowan. The animation is based on the main characters of his first Boxhead and Roundhead (soon to be published) book.
Enjoy...and stop by his blog, a spendid time is guaranteed for all!!!


In Her Majesty's Service

Just completed a sketch of Daniel Craig, the new Bond who in my opinion has probably revived the franchise. I am planning on doing a color version of the piece and will post when completed.


Neal Martz Sculpture

My friend and "Brother from another Mother", Neal Martz has finally begun sculpting again . After a long and successful career as a Special Effects MakeUp Artist he has returned to his true calling. His first piece is a bust of Bob Marley which he has just cast and plans to exhibit in his new home in Japan.


Forum Caricatures

These are various caricatures of artists found on different forums. All were done in PhotoShop CS "alla prima" on one layer. From top to bottom they are:
Jason Seiler
Rick Cortes
Leo Henriquez
Heri Sanchez
Andrea Gerstmann