Project Vote Smart

Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is power"...Project VoteSmart.org provides us with non-partisan information about the Candidates' backgrounds, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, and performance!!


Photoshop CS3

Santa brought me the the CS3 upgrade for photoshop. I tried the beta version of it and fell in love with the new interface...the tabbed palettes make it so much easier to work. I played around a bit this evening with it and did this sketch. Now the only thing I wish it would have was the option to view the swatches as a color wheel (I think Mac allows you to do that)!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Snoop Dogg Final

Well I finished off the piece tonight and it was kind of a bench mark for me. This was the first time I went totally digital beginning with the sketch. My usual method is to do a rough pencil sketch and then scan it into PhotoShop...ahhh but I finally had enough balls just to dive in this time :)



The DrawingBoard is running a Snoop Dogg jam on their caricature thread so I figured I'd give him another shot. I did try him awhile ago but really wasn't too happy with the results...so I'm posting a small detail of the w.i.p just to put something up until it's completed.


Tom Waits

An American Original!!!!