Burning Safari

In Burning Safari, a toon-inflected 3D short from a group of students at the leading French animation school Gobelins, the aliens are on a photo outing. It is their misfortune to encounter a curious monkey just after landing. Chaos ensues, and as so often happens when worlds collide, things end extremely badly for all concerned.

This short is only one of the many fantastic, award winning student films found on the Gobelins site.



I came across 777Run sometime ago. The very strange, entertaining, well designed flash website of Guillaume Renard alias RUN was quickly added to my favorites folder. The main menu will bring you to Run's portfolio filled with terrific artwork, an online version of his "Mutafukaz" comic and a news section. Additonal links will be found while navigating the site. 777Run is member of the Semper Fi collective, which works on a multitude of projects for Toy2R, Swatch, Colette, and Adidas to name a few.


...and yet another forum caricature

This is a caricature of the very young & talented "Stingicide" who posts regularly on the Drawing Board forum. I would have supplied a link to his work but it seems his deviant portfolio page has disappeared.

Studio aka

Studio aka is a London based Production company representing a diverse collection of directors and designers creating original and outstanding animation in 2d, 3D CGI and interactive media. They have a talent base of thirty directors, artists, technical and production personnel, and have won countless accolades including BAFTA, D&AD, Clio, BTA and BAA awards for their work.

Marc Craste, a director at Studio aka has created a series of shorts entitled "Pica Towers". In theory the three films all take place at around the same moment. Basically a killer is running amok in the building, and all the residents are a little jittery. Marc's idea was to make a whole lot of shorts that could be watched in any order and would suggest some sort of coherent plot. These shorts were prequels to the very successful "Jo Jo in the stars" which can be purchased on DVD from the Studio aka site. I have a copy...it's beautiful!!!!

Hound of Flesh

A visually challenged Pica is placed in mortal danger by his playful and disobedient guide dog.

The Good News

An evangelist tries unsuccessfully to warn a dominatrix that the end of the world is nigh, with tragic results for both of them.

Pizza Sangre

A Pizza delivery Pica is killed in an act of senseless violence by a gun-toting mama's boy.


OVER TIME, a tribute to Muppet creator Jim Henson was a student film first viewed in 2004. It was directed by Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrie as a graduation project at the French animation/media school Supinfocom. The directing trio are now billed as Oury & Thomas and represented by Partizan Lab, the animation division of the London/Paris-based commercial firm Partizan.


Classic Illustration Archive

Leif Peng, an Illustrator and Designer has put together an incredible archive of classic illustration for magazine and advertising. All the images have been painstakingly scanned and saved high res. Eye candy definitely worth a click...Thanks Lief!!!


The Art of David Bowers

I recently came across the work of David M. Bowers. His paintings are allegorical beauties reminiscent of the old masters. The above painting is entitled "Little Tiny" and was done for a group exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. This painting was selected to showcase this years best of fantastical art by gracing the cover of the awards annual, “Spectrum 12 The Best of Fantastic Art.

...some older stuff

These are two older caricatures that had been posted originally on the NCN forum . Both done in color pencil, the top is Sebastian Kruger and one of "Mr. Snakes on a Plane".


The Art of Open Season

I finally used one of my Christmas Barnes & Noble gift cards and bought "The Art of Open Season". A beautiful book destined to become a collector's item. It contains the character sketches of of one of my all time favorite illustrators, Carter Goodrich. Definitely recommended addition to your library!!

New Caricature

A recent caricature of Piotr Walczuk a founding member of the Online Caricature Conference

Post Updates

I just wanted to add an update to previous posts...one being a pair of brand spankin' new episodes of Elliot Cowan's "Boxhead & Roundhead"

The Infernal Machine


...and also to Neal Martz's recent gallery exhibit in Japan


The Vonster

I have been a big fan of Von Glitschka's work ever since I first came across his website. His genius lies in the way he incorporates illustration with graphic design. He actually calls himself a "Illustrative Designer" with a style that combines humor with cutting edge graphics. He also takes great effort in sharing his knowledge through various sites, which I'm sure if you visit will be bookmarked in your favorites.

The Illustrative Designer


Illustration Class

NCN caricature

Another sketch done of Kathy Bailey, a NCN member.


First caricature of 2007

Finally had a chance to sit down and do a return caricature of Hans Deconinck. He recently did a terrific sketch of me which is posted on the Drawing Board so I definately had to return the favor. I've been a big fan of Hans' work for a long time so it was a thrill to have him do the caricature of me.