David Levine 1926 - 2009

How very saddening it was to hear the news of David Levine's passing. I think most of us who practise caricature are deeply in debt to this great man for igniting the fire that fuels our passion for the art form. His work inspired me to become a better draughtsman and of course it was the study of his expert handling of pen & ink that taught me how to crosshatch.

The words Genius and Master are thrown around loosely these days but in his case these are titles certainly more than appropriate. In my humble opinion he definitely belongs beside Daumier and Thomas Nast as one of the greatest caricaturists to have ever lived.

What a joy it was to meet him by chance at the Met in NY...I found him to be a very warm, generous and humorous man and he will be greatly missed!!!

~Leonardo da Vinci~
As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well used brings happy death.



...this sort of reminds me of the "evil" Ron Howard!!!


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