2008 Communication Arts Illustration Annual

It's a great honor to have my Johnny Depp caricature included in the 2008 CA Illustration Annual. As always the work showcased on it's pages is outstanding and just to be in there with all that talent is incredible.



Just tightened up the original sketch...and if you get a chance check out David O'Keefe's blog where he posted a "Godfather W.I.P." that is terrific!!

...also adding a rough sketch of the Dalai Lama



It must be great to know you never have to work another day in your life...and only if you want to!

Happy Birthday Pup!

...well you're now officially older than Daddy!! Love you Baby Boy!!


Farewell Son Of Buffalo

Tim Russert
1950 - 2008

Watching the election returns will not be the same without him...he's a tough guy to replace and will be sorely missed!!!


Tim Burton Updated + 1

Well I reworked the Burton sketch...followed Paul Moyse's suggestion to reduce the size of the eyes and did a bit more tweaking...I'm happier with this version and could definitely take it to the painting stage. I also had a reference photo of Al Pacino sitting on my desk so I roughed one out of him as well. Now I guess before I get sidetracked on anything else I should finish the McCartney!


One more from the sketchbook...

I think I missed a bit on the likeness of this one as well...maybe I'll be able to figure it out if I take it to the painting stage!


Im A Collectible!

The über talented Court Jones was commissioned by Upper Deck Cards for their "MLB Presidential Predictor Series" and to my surprize and delight I found out that myself and another NCN member, Elgin Bolling, a.k.a The Subway Surfer were included in the background of the Rudy card as spectators! Head over to the "Presidential Predictor" site to see the rest of the cards (or even better buy a set)...all are superb!

Thanks again Court!!!!

Court Jones
"MLB Presidential Predictor Series"