Some Sketches

Just doing some doodling to loosen up...Don Imus showed up...not really sure what recess of my brain he was buried in!!!


Bye Bye Blank Book

Well I finished my contribution to the Blank Book Project ahead of schedule and sent it off to Gary Fields, the next artist on the little wooden box's list. I chose Thomas Nast as my theme since his Morristown house is only about a mile from my own and because he was a big influence in my work.

Even though the the little bugger kept me up for a few nights it was really fun to be involved in this!!!

Sorry I can only post a teaser shot...but I'm sure once the book reaches it's final destination eveyone's images will be made available.


Blank Book Arrives

The "Sugar Frosted Goodness Blank Book" arrived yesterday afternoon. Jim Bradshaw, great guy and über talented artist was kind enough to forward it after we were unable to hook up for the hand-off. For anyone not familiar with the Blank Book Project it is a traveling sketchbook headed east to west across the country visiting 50 Illustrators. Each Illustrator will have a week to complete their entry and then either pass it off or ship it to the next participant. The book will reach it's final destination by mid December, 2008.


W.I.P. / Bruce Willis

Started a painting tonight of Bruce Willis...so we'll see how this progresses!
*updated 10/03/2007


25th Wedding Anniversary in Aruba

Deb and I just got back from the beautiful island of Aruba where we celebrated our 25th. It was our first time there and we absolutely loved it. A perfect climate with a warm breeze acting as a natural fan made it very comfortable.

We rented a 4x4 and explored Arikok National Park's rugged coastline, bat caves and natural rock formations. We also ate at The Flying Fishbone and Madame Jeanettes, two phenomenal restaurants which I highly recommend if you plan to visit.



I did a rough sketch of Hervé Villechaize for this weeks SFG "Tattoo" theme. I brought it into PS to try and spruce it up a bit...had some fun playing with textures and filters after seeing a really terrific caricature done by Sam Gorrie!!



This is an older graphite caricature done of the "Fab 4" Beatles that I wanted to post on the blog.

Celebrating the 25th

Debs and I are off to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Aruba. This was a wonderful, surprise gift from my Sister and our Niece, Nephew and their Spouses. I'll definitely take some photos and post when we get back...all the best folks!