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One for the "Happy Birthday Mickey Rooney" post on the I.S.C.A.'s Let's Draw Thread and then some character concepts I'm playing with. Also a prelim sketch for a "Denzel" painting.


Inspiration: De Sève & Goodrich

Peter de Sève and Carter Goodrich's careers seem to have run on a parallel course...almost mirroring each other. Both possess unique humorous styles that have graced the covers of many magazines, particularly the "New Yorker" as well as children's books and recently character design for animated films.

What a great pleasure it's been to finally have Peter De Sève enter into the blogging world to share his thoughts and artwork. Unfortunately Carter Goodrich has not as of yet (any online presence) but I'm hoping that he sees the outpouring of admiration Peter is receiving and realizes there are many of us out here who feel the same way about his work.

Along with the images posted I'm including a link to a hi-res pdf of a 1994 Peter de Sève tutorial that was originally published in Step-by-Step magazine and details his working process.

Peter de Sève


Carter Goodrich

De Sève New Yorker Covers
Goodrich New Yorker Covers


Goodnight Quentin & Salma

Time to put these two to bed!!! Salma's pretty much a failure as a caricature...she's tough (well at least for me).

*...and I woke up to a very nice surprise this morning being notified that "Salma" was selected to be in the top tier at CG Hub. I consider this a great honor and thank them profusely!!!


Character Studies


Salma Sketch

For the ISCA's "Let's Draw" thread...you can only imagine how tough it was going through the reference photos ;)

Updated: Working on a color piece...progress so far.