Luis Guzman

I haven't painted much in awhile (which really sucks...probably need to take some time management courses or win the @#$% lottery) so in keeping with the Danny Trejo sketch I thought I would give another terrific character actor a shot...great face for caricature Mr. Guzman has!!!




Frank Lloyd Wright


David Carradine

Something very fishy about his passing...especially in a country noted for it's extra curricular activities!

Alan Ginsburg

For Jan Opdebeeck's Happy Birthday thread on the I.S.C.A. forum. This was fun since it was done without reference (he's a pretty easy subject to capture without it especially since I went a bit "cartoony" with it). I actually had a chance to hear him recite "Howl" when I briefly attended S.V.A. and he was invited as a guest speaker.

Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"


Charles Bronson

Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin & Charles Bronson...nothing more to say!