Christopher Lee

Sadly most people only recognize him now with a prosthetic nose! He definitely would make a great Don Quixote...no makeup necessary!!!


Holly Color

One of the great things about blogging is our ability to share links that we enjoy and find interesting with our friends and followers. Well Holly Ann Sibley (aka Creative Holly) has a very unique way of doing so.

CREATIVE HOLLY COLOR has an ever growing list of very talented people involved in all the creative arts (which I must say I am very honored that she has asked me to participate in). Holly will ask her subject to provide five of their favorite CMYK colors and if they like, include why they find them appealing. It's definitely a very interesting way to be introduced to the work of all these wonderful artists.




Notorious Big


Pete Townshend


Ralph Steadman

I was really happy Jan Opdebeeck chose Ralph Steadman as one of the subjects of the "Happy Birthday" thread. Right up there on the list of the ten top books I own is "I Leonardo" by Steadman!!! The book is an illustrated history of the life and work of Leonardo. Rumor has it that in preparation for this project, Steadman went to all the places Leonardo worked, studied and repainted his paintings, built flying machines from his drawings, and generally obsessed about him to the point that when it came time to actually write the book, he wrote it as an autobiography, a first person narrative and of course sprinkled with Steadman's humor. I've included a few scans from the book (apologies for quality) and the Amazon link to purchase the book...I definitely think it's one of his best!!!



George Lucas


Stevie Wonder


Billy Joel


Bill Murray Update

Getting close to finishing this thing off...some areas need a bit more work but I'm trying to keep it fairly loose.