GE Samurai

The above film and included production sketches were created by the collective genius at Three Legged Legs for the GE Imagination Theater.
"Samurai" is the tale of a pint-sized samurai faced with a seemingly impossible challenge as proposed by a behemoth Emperor and his wicked minions. The fable illustrates the power of using one's imagination to get out of sticky situations. Stop by the Legs site and view the rest of their extraordinary work!

NCN redux

Two caricatures previously posted on the NCN forum that I was fairly happy with. The top drawing is of Adam Pate , who just successfully arranged a NCN midwest mini-con and below is Brad Bailey, co-author (along with Jan Op DeBeeck and Beau Hufford) of "Famous Corpses", a terrific little book on caricature that is a must add to the library of anyone who loves the art form.


Ashes & Snow

"Ashes & Snow" is one of those gems that has been circulating on the internet for sometime now (only recently discovered by me...better late than never). The short video and images are part of the "Nomadic Museum" exhibition showcasing the work of photographer Gregory Colbert. More info on this beautiful work can be found at the ASHES & SNOW website.


Sam Gorrie

Sam Gorrie burst onto the NCN forum about a year ago and immediately made her presence known. She is a very talented Illustrator/Caricaturist with a unique stlye and sense of humor!! ENJOY


NYPL Digital Library

From top to bottom: Thomas Nast, John Singer Sargent, Henrik Ibsen

One of the things I miss most about moving from New York (although I'm only an hour commute into Mahattan) is the museums, galleries, and the main branch of the New York Public Library.
The NYPL has been archiving a digital gallery that provides free and open online access to thousands of images from the original and rare holdings in it's possesion. Spanning a wide range of visual media, NYPL Digital Gallery offers digital images of drawings, illuminated manuscripts, maps, photographs, posters, prints, rare illustrated books, and more. The site is a great reference source and worthy of bookmarking.


Coconino World

For anyone who hasn't stumbled upon the french site COCONINO WORLD, I add this link to my blog. A beautifully designed site showcasing the work of Illustrators and Comic Artists both past and present... from Carlos Nine to T.S. Sullivant. You will most definitely spend some time moving from link to link as you try to take in all this site offers.