I guess it's time for the Clintons to pack it in...unless of course they're privy to something lurking in the dark corner of Barack's closet (and of course theirs is fairly filled as well).


Inspiration: Don Bevan

Don Bevan is definitely my favorite caricaturist whose work hangs on the walls of Sardi's Restaurant in N.Y.C. Like Hirschfeld & Covarrubias, his line work was brilliant, capturing his subject with just a few strokes...and you have to be a great draughtsman to accomplish that! He also co-wrote the play "Stalag 17" which he got the idea for while actually a P.O.W. in the real Stalag 17 near Baden-Baden. It's very hard to find his work online let alone detailed information about him...in fact the images I posted were taken from the "Off the Wall at Sardi's" book which is also pretty hard to find now as well. I believe he's still alive and would only hope that he might publish a book with his sketches...it would certainly be a best seller among Caricaturists!!.


Lee Marvin

I came across this Lee Marvin interview on YouTube and just started sketching his face...and what a great face it was. Brilliant character actor...they don't make'em like this guy anymore!!!

Lee Marvin / Wikipedia
The Sons Of Lee Marvin