Inspiration / Arthur Szyk

Arthur Szyk (pronounced "Shick") was a Polish-born American artist, famous for his anti-Axis political illustrations, caricatures, and cartoons during World War II. Szyk was a brilliant draughtsman and I'm sure his work influenced many Illustrators and Cartoonists (I can definitely see elements of his style in the work of the greats, Mort Drucker and Jack Davis)!



Szyk Images (Google)

Szyk Online Exhibition / The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Francis & Marty


Scarlett Again?

Since I wasn't too happy how the first one turned out I gave her another shot. Tried to stretch it a bit but of course I always have a problem with that. Anyhow, I'll put her to rest now...well maybe :)

*...Okay, I'm still obsessed with this one...it's so damn frustrating when you feel you can't get it right :(
So I'm updating this post with another (still a W.I.P.) and my wife likes this one so at least that's a good sign I'm on the right track.


2008-2009 ARC Salon Competition

I can't begin to tell how many times I've walked into a gallery or Museum and come across a piece of artwork that is so astounding that I can't believe it was made by human hands. The Art Renewal Center (artrenewal.org) is also one of those places where I can regularly find such a piece. For anyone who loves Contemporary Realism as well as the Classics a visit to the website is a must.

ARC has posted the work of the finalists of it's 08/09 competition (almost all in hires), so if you get a chance, head over and give your eyes a treat!!

2008-2009 ARC Salon Competition

Scarlett Johannsen

For the Scarlett Johannsen jam on the DrawingBoard
Well maybe it's her...I'll try to give her another go...since she's definitely not too hard to stare at!



Just some random stuff from my scribble pads...and if you're in the mood for some really terrific sketches pick up Joe Bluhm's new book SKETCH INFECTUS, you will not be disappointed!!!