Henry Jones Jr.

Okay, everyones been posting a Harrison Ford lately (gee I wonder why the sudden interest) so I thought I would give him a shot...and yes, as most have said, he is a tough one!!!



Two quick ones from the sketchbook...I may want to take these a bit farther, especially the "Hawking"...I don't think I've ever seen one of this amazing man!


A Pair of W.I.P.'s

Well I finally got around to working on the McCartney caricature and roughed one out of Bruce Lee (cause I needed a break from Sir Paul)! I hope to finish the Mac by this week...I'm so friggin' lazy!


NCN May Challenge

The subject of the Jan Opdebeeck's NCN May Challenge is Marilyn Manson. I decided to try a little Pen & Ink for this caricature, a medium I haven't used in a long while. Egon Schiele and George Grosz kept coming to mind while studying the reference photo...I love their work!

* Added some color & texture in PhotoShop (although the rules are "no digital"!)


Inspiration: Bosch, Bruegel, & Grünewald

The fact that these Masters were brilliant caricaturists is obvious. I was first attracted to their work in my early twenties when I was experimenting with alternate ways of seeing (like most of the "Just Say Yes" generation) and was blown away at the way they could depict human suffering. Their subjects were twisted, mangled and exaggerated like nothing I had seen before. Some claim that their work was the effect of toxic delirium caused by ergotism, a disease brought about by the consumption of contaminated rye which was rampant during the Middle Ages.

Hieronymus Bosch
Pieter Bruegel
Matthias Grünewald